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Shaping the Future of TDSB Lands and a Community Hub at Bloor & Dufferin

Seeking input and community engagement on a the future of the TDSB Lands

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Ontario Building a GO Train Station in Davenport

New Station at Lansdowne and Bloor to Provide Additional Transit Options for Commuters in West Toronto

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Ontario Partners with FCA Canada to Build the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid -- the World's First Plug-in Hybrid Electric Minivan

Premier Departs on U.S. Tour to Increase Trade and Strengthen Partnerships

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Ontario Investing $1.1 Billion To Improve School Buildings

Province Supporting Better Buildings for Better Learning

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Legislature Passes 14 Bills in Productive Sitting

Landmark Bills on Key Priorities Become Law

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Ontario Apologizes for Residential Schools

Government Releases Action Plan for Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples

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Fish for Free in Ontario During Family Fishing Week

Ontario Encourages Families To Enjoy Outdoor Activities

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Ontario Protects Employees' Tips and Gratuities

New Rules Start on June 10

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Celebrate the Good Things Grown In Ontario This Local Food Week

2016 Local Food Report Highlights Success Stories and Local Food Champions

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Last week I had the opportunity to comment on a Private Members's Motion brought forth by MPP for Ottawa—Orléans, Marie-Francis Lalond. The Motion would allow the creation of statue to commemorate Rae Luckock and Agnes Macphail, the first two


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